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CPAP is the acronym for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure. CPAP is the most common therapy for obstructive sleep apnea and the main goal is to keep the airway open during sleep.

Federal and state regulations require us to have a prescription on file in order to dispense any PAP machines and masks. However, we do not require a prescription for accessories including filters and tubing.

For PAP machines the prescriptions should have as much information as possible. The prescription must have the type of machine being prescribed with the recommended pressure, physician information, signature, date and length of need.

For Mask prescription must have the type physician information, signature, date and length of need. Order should state being for CPAP supplies.

Insurance companies often use a HCPC code used for claims related to PAP purchase. Here is a list of codes used to process your claims.

E0601 - CPAP machine

E0562 - PAP Heated Humidifier 

E0470 – Bilevel machine 

E0471 - Bilevel-ST/ ASV machine

A7030 - Full Face mask 

A7031 - Full Face mask cushion 

A7034 - Nasal mask 

A7032 - Nasal mask cushion 

A7037 - CPAP tubing 

A7038 - CPAP disposable filter 

A7039 - CPAP non-disposable filter 

A7035 - Mask headgear 

A7033 - Nasal pillows 

A7036 - Chinstrap 

A7046 - Humidifier Chamber

Most of our CPAP machines come with a two year manufacturer warranty. If you have any issues with any of the equipment, contact our office to troubleshoot and check if equipment is under warranty.

All CPAP masks are able to be used with any PAP machine. Mask should be chosen based on patient comfort, previous experience during a sleep study or suggestions from physician or therapist. It is recommended that a therapist does a mask fitting when you try a new mask.

There are many different masks to choose from. There are full face mask, nasal masks and nasal pillows. Patients that have hard time breathing thru their nose only may have to try a full face mask at time. Although any mask may feel somewhat uncomfortable to you, the goal is to feel comfortable enough to wear the therapy efficiently. This includes comfort and providing a good seal. It is recommended to have a mask fitting with a therapist to allow you to get a feel of the mask, tried at prescribed pressure to see if you are able to tolerate and make an informed decision.

There are many patients that are not able to keep their mouth closed while they use PAP therapy. Therefore, a full face mask may be recommended. The full face mask will allow you to open your mouth and still receive adequate therapy keeping the airway open while you sleep.

For home cleaning, mix one part vinegar and three parts warm water. Allow tubing and mask parts to soak for a few minutes. Rinse clean and allow to air dry. Don't like vinegar? We also offer Citrus mask cleaner to help with the job.

Supplies should be replaced on a regular basis. Most patients are recommended to replace their masks every 3-6 months or when the supplies start to wear off causing discomfort. Masks and accessories are meant to be disposable and be replenished frequently to be able to have an effective therapy. Below is the recommended timeframe to replace your accessories. HCHP procedures codes included for reference:

Mask - Full face A7030, Nasal A7034 - Every 3-6 months

Cushion/Pillows - A7031 Full face, A7032 Nasal, A7033 Pillows - Every 3 months

Standard Tubing- A7037, Heated tubing A4604 - Every 3 months

Headgear- A7035 - Every 6 months

Humidifier Chamber- A7046 - Every 6 months

Filters (Disposable) - A7038 - 2 every month

Filters (Non Disposable) - A7039 - Every 6 months

Chinstrap- A7036 - Every 6 months

It is normal for first time PAP therapy users to feel like the pressure is too high, it may take few weeks to become used to the therapy. However, if you continue to feel excessive pressure despite being used to it would be best to discuss it with your physician for proper therapy assessment and possibly decrease the pressure.

Returns will be accepted within 15 business days on any unopened product, this will be subject to restocking fee. Some products may carry manufacturer warranty on defects, if product malfunctions please call our office to troubleshoot and verify if product is under warranty.

See Return Policy for more details.

The water in the humidifier should be changed frequently to prevent any bacteria to grow. It is best to use distilled water on your humidifier.

Cleaning the mask is important to eliminate the excess oils from the cushion. This will help to have a better grip on your face. Changing your cushions may also help to reduce leaks when the cushion is wearing off. Another alternative is changing to a different type of mask to find a better fit, it is best to always have you fitted for a new mask with a therapist.

As long as we have a prescription on file for your CPAP supplies, you do not have to obtain a new prescription for self pay. If you need to have an update on pressures you would then need a prescription for the new pressure.

Yes, whether you have a question or would like to place an order you are welcome to call us at 480-361-0124. We will be glad to assist you during business hours.