What Causes Dry Mouth While Sleeping and is Your CPAP Contributing?

The Best Solution for Dry Mouth When Sleeping

Waking up in the dead of night to reach for a glass of water can completely throw off a sleep cycle. So, what causes a dry mouth while sleeping? In most cases, breathing through the mouth while asleep is the main cause of a dry mouth. When a mouth-breather is paired with a CPAP machine, dryness is extremely common. The CPAP machine uses pressurized air to open air passages which often results in uncomfortability and frustration, especially for first-time users.

What causes a dry mouth while sleeping?

  1. Keeping the mouth open/breathing through the mouth
  2. Dehydration
  3. Poorly fitted CPAP machine masks

  4. Lack of moisture in the air

Frustrating, right? Here’s a few of the best ways to avoid a dry mouth during sleep for CPAP users:

  1. Stay hydrated - Increase water intake and breathe through the nose during the day.
  2. Check that your humidifiers are working properly - This added moisture is great for those using a CPAP machine, especially on mid to high range pressures.
  3. Try using a chin strap - Chin straps are an excellent way to keep the mouth shut, although may not be the best solutions for very serious dry mouth cases
  4. Make sure your CPAP machine doesn’t have a leak - Creases around the mask or gaps between tubing reduce the effectiveness of your CPAP machine.
  5. Consider using a full face mask - This will eliminate air leaks and dropping of the jaw.

If these solutions are falling short, you may want to consider specific CPAP machines for dry mouths. Rest assured, this is one of the most common issues among CPAP users. Make sure that your CPAP machine is fitted correctly, and that the setting is correct for your personal needs. A good rule of thumb? Don’t put your machine on the highest setting if you don’t need it.

Are you still facing frustrations with a dry mouth during sleep? Schedule an appointment to discuss your sleep issues with a specialist today.

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