Ways to Help Sleep Apnea: Inspire Therapy for Sleep Apnea

Is Inspire Sleep Apnea Surgery Right for You?

In the past, we’ve treated obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) by prescribing CPAP. Even though this is an effective solution, there are those patients who cannot tolerate CPAP therapy. Happily, there are many ways to help sleep apnea patients achieve a better night’s sleep. The Inspire procedure is a promising FDA-approved therapy that offers patients an easy, comfortable, and far less-intrusive treatment method that sets the stage for better health and restful nights.

Inspire therapy for sleep apnea eliminates the need for a CPAP mask, hose, and unit for people diagnosed with OSA. Inspire therapy for sleep apnea is intended for people who experience significant difficulty with CPAP and those who have been diagnosed with moderate to severe OSA, more specifically those with an ApneaHypopnea Index (AHI) between 15 and 65, which indicates the number of times they stop breathing per hour.

Key Aspects of Inspire Therapy for Sleep Apnea

  • Inspire therapy for sleep apnea is an FDA-approved minimally invasive implanted device that delivers mild stimulation to keep a patient’s airway open during sleep.
  • Inspire therapy significantly reduces sleep apnea events by 78 percent.
  • After the Inspire procedure, 80 percent of partners reported a snoring reduction. 
  • Indicated for patients:
    • AHI of 15-65.
    • CPAP intolerant or unwilling to use.
    • BMI < 35*

    *Inspire may be restricted from those patients who are significantly overweight.

    The Inspire Sleep Apnea Surgery

    While the term “surgery” can sound scary, the Inspire procedure is performed on an out-patient basis. During Inspire sleep apnea surgery, licensed Inspire sleep doctors make three small incisions beneath the neck and chest skin to implant the Inspire system–a small battery and two wires. That’s it. Most patients will return home that same day and feel well enough to resume non-strenuous activities in the days to follow. Over-the-counter pain medication can be used for mild pain management, but most patients experience minimal discomfort.

    How Inspire Therapy for Sleep Apnea Works

    The Inspire therapy system delivers mild stimulation to key airway muscles to allow the airway to remain open throughout the night. Inspire patients use a handheld remote to operate the Inspire sleep implant. Simply turn the unit on before bed and off in the morning. Patients can also pause therapy for any reason as well as increase or decrease the settings to achieve the right amount of stimulation for their needs.

    The Inspire procedure is an excellent alternative to the CPAP mask, with various clients sharing reports of a significant reduction in snoring and other sleep apnea events. Valley Sleep Center offers this FDA-approved therapy to patients with OSA that have been unable to use their CPAP device consistently. If you are interested in learning more, we invite you to set up a complimentary Inspire consultation.