Does CPAP Humidification Really Help?

Having proper humidification while using PAP therapy can reduce dryness and congestion, ultimately improving comfort. The main functions of the nose is to provide filtration and warmth to the air that we breathe in. Therefore, if the air we are breathing with PAP therapy is not warm enough the fighting instinct from our body is to protect the lungs by creating nasal congestion. Other symptoms may include dry mouth, runny nose, dry throat and nasal passage burn.

Heated humidification helps to create the perfect environment for the air being delivered to your airway and create comfort. The humidity dramatically reduces patient’s complaints and symptoms of nasal congestion/dryness, and therefore improve compliance.

It is important to clean your humidifier on a regular basis, distilled water is recommended due to the quality of the water to prevent calcium and zinc residue on the water chamber. Putting enough distilled water will help to prevent to be dry during the night providing proper humidification.

Heated humidification is a comfort tool to be able to use PAP therapy more efficiently by preventing from having some of the symptoms often associated with poor humidification. All resulting in a more comfortable experience.

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